AG2R LA MONDIALE extends its sponsorship until 2023

Sponsoring: AG2R LA MONDIALE reaffirms commitment to Vincent Lavenu and his cycling team
AG2R LA MONDIALE extends its sponsorship, which began in 1997, with the eponymous cycling team led by Vincent Lavenu until 2023.

André Renaudin, Chief Executive Officer

“A few days before the start of the Tour de France 2019, we once again testify to our unwavering support for Vincent Lavenu and his cycling team. Our riders and their sports directors perfectly embody the values of solidarity and performance that animate AG2R LA MONDIALE every day. And just like with the cycling team, it is the strength of the collective that makes us better. Now we meet in Brussels for the start of this year’s Grande Boucle to continue this wonderful adventure together. We are of course hoping that their success in this legendary race is commensurate with their commitment and determination!” ANDRE RENAUDIN

VINCENT LAVENU, General Manager of the AG2R LA MONDIALE cycling team

“We are proud and very touched by the confidence shown by AG2R LA MONDIALE in extending our contract from 2021 to 2023. This endeavor that has united us since 1997 around our favorite sport is both beautiful and intense. It has brought us a lot of joy, success, and has also strengthened us in the most difficult times. The quality of our relationship is irrefutable, and I warmly thank the AG2R LA MONDIALE General Management, the directors and employees for always believing in our team. This fidelity will allow us to write new pages of our history, with new challenges, and a pool of ambitious young riders who are our trademark,”VINCENT LAVENU