French Championships La Haye Fouassière (June 27 – 30)

PIERRE LATOUR : “Into the unkown”

“Unlike last year, I’m going to start the French Championships without any real certainty. I have only started two time trials so far this year. And I am just coming out of a difficult Tour of Switzerland where I had to drop out during the last stage in the mountains. I just didn’t have any power. Of course, that sort of thing is not an ideal way to build up the confidence. Still, I’m not all that surprised. After my crash on February 22nd (fractured left wrist among other injuries), I stayed off the bike for four months, so I certainly expected that my return to competition would be difficult. Despite everything, after two years wearing the jersey as the national time trial champion of France, I intend to give my best in this race. And anyway, after this sort of start to the season, I really have nothing to lose.”


Nans Peters and Alexis Gougeard will also line up to race the French time trial on June 27.
Road race team roster

François Bidard
Geoffrey Bouchard
Mikaël Cherel
Clément Chevrier
benoît Cosnefroy
Samuel Dumoulin
Hubert Dupont
Julien Duval
Tony Gallopin
Alexandre Geniez
Dorian Godon
Alexis Gougeard
Quentin Jaurégui
Pierre Latour
Aurélien Paret Peintre
Nans Peters
Clément Venturini
Alexis Vuillermoz


Gediminas Bagdonas (Lithuania) will line up to defend both his titles in the time trial and road race on the 28th and 30th of June in Šilale.

Mathias Frank (Switzerland) will be taking part in the road race on Sunday at Fischingen.

Oliver Naesen and Stijn Vandenbergh (Belgium) will participate in the Belgian road race in Gent (June 30).

Ben Gastauer (Luxembourg) will participate in the road race at Soleuvre (June 30).

Nico Denz (Germany) will participate in the German road race at Oberlungwitz (June 30).

Having won the event in 2017, Larry Warbasse will again line up to race the US National Championships on June 30th in Knoxville, Tennessee.