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Clément Champoussin "A great pleasure to win in front of the overall favourites".

"When we were caught by the group of favourites, it was complicated. I couldn't keep up with them on the steep part. Then Gino Mäder brought us back, and even though I couldn't keep up with them when they attacked, I hung on. With just over a kilometer to go, I saw that they were looking at each other. I came in with some speed and got enough of a lead to make it to the line. I was lucky. It was a bit unexpected. Over the last three weeks, I've had my ups and downs and yesterday I wasn't feeling well. I didn't expect to be out in front today, but I ended up with Lilian Calmejane and Stan Dewulf, two team-mates I really like. They helped me a lot, so I couldn't afford to miss out. It's really cool, I'm surprised. I'm winning in front of some of the greats riders, which makes it all the more pleasing."

Julien Jurdie " The whole group deserves this victory ".

"What a day! Clément Champoussin put in an incredible performance, rewarding the hard work of the whole team since the start of La Vuelta a Espana. The guys have been working hard for three weeks and it hadn't paid off yet. Today, we still had three riders at the front. Lilian Calmejane finished 12th and Stan Dewulf 14th on the stage, while Geoffrey Bouchard and Clément Champoussin were 16th and 18th overall respectively, so the whole group deserves this victory."