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The AG2R CITROËN U19 junior team does not prospect, it recruits on application. The recruitment process is open to all and each year, the team examines the files of more than 200 candidates, from France and abroad.

Application file: April-June

The recruitment is primarily aimed at cadets 2, to integrate the team in junior 1*.

Applications can be submitted on the website, from April to July each year.

*It is also possible to apply as a cadet 1 to join the team as a cadet 2. In this case, the cadet will not participate in the races but will benefit from all the support that the team provides to prepare his entry the following year.

Selection criteria

The selection criteria are numerous, the team favors balanced and complete profiles:

  • Sports results
  • The power values
  • The motivations and the construction of the candidate's project
  • The quality of the double project: bicycle + study/employment

Small precision: when he joins the U19, the rider junior must commit to stay in his club of origin during the time he is in the structure (in order not to siphon the talents of the small clubs).

Physical tests

This is an additional, optional step. The candidate can do a self-test in the field with a power sensor and send it to complete his file.

Detection course: August

8 candidates are selected to participate in the team's mountain training course in the Alps. This is also the occasion for a complete medical check-up.

Admissions: September

In September, the final admissions are announced and the new recruits join the team at the end of October.

They then benefit from all the inputs of the structure:

  • 360° follow-up: coach, training programs, nutrition and strategy training.
  • Equipment: 2 bikes, 1 CLM bike, as well as all the equipment of the pro team (clothing, helmet, goggles, meters, power sensors...)
  • Participation in international races throughout Europe with team and staff
  • Proximity with the riders pros (especially those who have passed through the training program) and the World Tour team

What's next?

If this article has convinced you that the AG2R CITROËN U19 team is for you, you can apply here.

If you are already a junior, you can also apply to become a rider guest on a UCI junior international race (the team travels abroad to 9 countries each year).