Critérium du Dauphiné (June 9-16th)

Vincent Lavenu : “Coming with ambitions”

“The Critérium du Dauphiné is an important time in our season, and we are approaching it, of course, with ambitions. The whole team feels very attached to this race; it’s linked to our culture, our history, its place in the history and legends of cycling, as well as our own results here. We are still three weeks away from the Tour de France, but we have always felt it is important to be successful at this race. This year again, we will be motivated to come with an undisputed leader,
Romain Bardet, who has climbed twice onto the final podium (2nd in 2016, 3rd in 2018), and remains capable of climbing there. We also come with other talented riders who have the ability to seize the opportunities that will arise, and go for stage wins. The team is in shape, and the backbone of the Dauphiné group has recently completed an excellent altitude camp in Sierra Nevada (May 15-31). They were well supervised by a highly trained staff and invested a lot in the efforts. We know that by optimizing the preparation of all our riders, we are giving ourselves the best possible chance to fulfill our greatest ambitions.”VINCENT LAVENU



The victim of a fractured pelvis and a broken clavicle on March 29th during the fifth stage of the Volta Catalunya, Axel Domont left the rehabilitation center where he was recovering on May 31st. He has also resumed physical activity with light home trainer sessions. The date when he can start training again on the road has not yet been decided.