Our commitment

Within the framework of an highest ethical standards, the prevention and fight against doping are of utmost importance for the team AG2R LA MONDIALE. Management, riders and staff are continuously made aware of the fact they have to work day after day to promote a doping-free sport.

Many measures are being implemented in our team to respect the principle of clean sport, indispensable aspect for the health of everyone:

  • Riders’ absolute compliance with the daily whereabouts program through the ADAMS system allowing no advance notice anti-doping tests, the full acceptance with the national and international anti-doping program and the adherence to the biological passport of the International Cycling Union.
  • Prevention system within the team: medical and paramedical staff during the training courses, races or any other trip, so that anybody else but the team medical staff can make medical interventions within the team.
  • Verification by the team doctor of all medical procedures proposed outside the framework of the team for the purposes of a validation before implementation.
  • At the beginning of the year, a presentation to all the riders of the anti-doping legislation in force and of the additional constraints imposed by the team as part of the fight against doping.
  • Biological and health check-ups during the year left to the discretion of the team doctor, including during the Grand Tours if necessary.
  • Inclusion in the team’s internal regulation of specific issues relating to ethics and the fight against doping, for riders and staff.
  • Eviction or non-renewal of contract of any rider not complying with the internal regulation or with the health checks imposed by the team.
  • Team membership to the MPCC (Movement For a Credible Cycling) and to its rules that impose additional constraints within the context of the fight against doping.
  • Creation and support to the team training center, Chambéry Cyclisme Formation, to train young cyclists and make them work in a cycling where ethics prevails. (The professional team doctor is also working with the training center).
  • Intervention of a psychologist with the riders and the staff, particularly in order to raise ethical awareness.


Throughout the season, the manager and the sponsor support the team doctor in his approach to promote health actions.

He for example participates in the promotion of cycling activity and health through sport in the enterprises within the framework of events or meetings organized by the sponsor invested in this area.