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Clément Venturini: "Be fast at it".

"After more than a month off, I can't wait to hang up a bib. My sensations are getting better every day and I can't wait to see where I am in the race.
I was lucky to have a good medical staff around me. We tried to reduce the duration of the rehabilitation as much as possible with physical therapy sessions twice a week.
I took advantage of this period to rest well and I am ready to start a new block of competitions, starting with these two rounds of the French Cup.
Even if it's a recovery, I hope to be able to perform quickly and why not as early as this weekend."[/su_quote]


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Clément Venturini is back in competition after 36 days of absence.
He was the victim of a crash in the last kilometers of the fourth stage of the Circuit Cycliste Sarthe - Pays de la Loire on April 8.

The news

Anthony Jullien back to competition

Anthony Jullien, hampered by cardiac adaptation problems since the beginning of the season, is allowed to resume competition.
The Grand Prix du Morbihan will be his second day of racing in 2022 after the Roue Tourangelle on March 27.