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After a month of confinement, Clément Venturini shares with us his daily life, his training, his motivation and his cooking skills!

Where are you now?

I am at home in my apartment in Meyzieu. It is a rather quiet place which is an advantage to spend this time which can seem a little long.

The Tour de France has been postponed, the UCI has communicated a new calendar. How did you react to this news?

This allows us to project ourselves and to give us key dates. After that, these are big races, selection races. It is still difficult to project ourselves at this level within the team. But it gives us a thread and a meaning to our daily training.

Precisely, how do you manage to keep the motivation to train?

At the very beginning, I took up sport like everyone else for my maintenance, my well-being. I felt more like a professional athlete than a rider cyclist. Now that we have a return date, it motivates me and allows me to see things differently.

Afterwards, it's hard to accept when you're bad. You have to have a correct level. That's what pushes you to train properly, to do some intensities.

For me, I find the time very long on home trainer, so to have exercises, it is all the more appreciable.

In this period, there is a lot of talk about mental freshness more than physical fitness. What do you think?

That's for sure. It is not the one who will have done the most during this delicate period who will be the strongest afterwards. I am convinced of that. You really have to listen to yourself, to your needs.

The person who is reluctantly doing the sessions will pay for it later. However, it is impossible to do nothing as well.

We discover your talents in the kitchen, is it a passion?

Not too much. I take the opportunity to cook. I have always loved good things. I put my hand to the wheel and enjoy making small recipes daily with good products.

Do you have a message to pass on?

It's a bit of a classic message now, but we have to set an example and respect the instructions. And for the AG2R fans, to continue to encourage us from afar for the moment and at the roadside when possible. I have no doubt that the encouragement will be even stronger after this difficult period and will continue to unite us even more.