Interview – Clément Venturini

After a month locked down, Clément Venturini shares with us his daily routine, his trainings, his motivations and his Cooking skills!

Where are you ?

I’m at home in Meyzieu. It’s really peaceful, so it helps during this period.

Le Tour de France has been rescheduled, the UCI has released a new calendar. How did you react ?

It helps to move forward and to focus on key dates. However, it’s big races so the selection will be tough within the team as well. It helps a lot to give a meaning to our training.

How do you stay motivated to train everyday ?

At the beginning of the lockdown, sport was a way to stay fit. I felt more like a professional athlete than a professional rider. The latest news have changed that and I’m really motivated. We don’t accept to not be good. We still want to have a certain level. That’s why we have to train.

From my point of view, I don’t like to spend too much time on a home trainer. So doing specific exercices makes it more bearable.

In this period, we talk more about mental freshness than keeping a fitness level. What do you think ?

It’s true. The one who trains too much during this period won’t be the best after the lockdown. You have to listen to yourself.

There’s no need to do something that you don’t want to. However, it’s impossible to do nothing.

We’ve noticed that you like to cook. Is it a passion ?

Not really. I’ve always liked good foods. So I spend more time in the kitchen, cooking daily recipe with healthy products.

Do you have a message to share with the fans ?

First of all, we have to show the way by respecting the rules. And for the fans, we count on you to cheer for us from home right now and along the road when it will be possible. I believe that your support will be even stronger after this difficult time and we will be more united as ever.