The training course

Our bet on the future

For more than 20 years, training has been an integral part of our activity and contributes to the success of our cycling team. Not only on the sporting level, since the riders from our training center have written some of the most beautiful pages of our professional team, but also on the human level.
The athletes who "grow up" together within the training center, constitute within the professional group a solid and driving core, cultivating a federative spirit, essential ground for performance.
Since 2017, two teams make up our training program, the U23 and the U19. We are constantly striving to improve our training program, thus meeting several challenges: the well-being of our athletes, the development of cycling and, of course, the success of our sports project.



A unique model in the world, Chambéry Cyclisme Formation allows the best French and international hopefuls not to have to choose between high-level sport and the pursuit of higher education. Today, the school and university success rate is 80% (for an average level of study of Bac+2) and the rate of access to professional practice is 35%.
The model is a reference and, once again this year, unsolicited applications are coming in from all over the world.
Second this year in the French National 1 Cup, after winning it last year, Chambéry Cyclisme Formation has continued to follow a virtuous path over the seasons, integrating both sporting performance and academic success.
AG2R CITROËN TEAM is very proud to support this great initiative and to welcome its most promising riders .

Loïc Varnet
General Manager C.C.F


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The AG2R CITROËN TEAM U19 team based in Voiron (38) will start its 16th season in 2023. It accompanies and trains the future talents of cycling, in the Junior category, in the respect of the double sports and school project (100 % of success in the exams in 2022).
In line with the values of the professional team, the structure has accompanied more than 153 riders , 40 of whom have gone on to become professionals, including Nans Peters, Geoffrey Bouchard, Clément Venturini and Bastien Tronchon.

For the 2023 season, 240 applications representing 20 nationalities were received. They will be 21 riders in 2023 representing 6 nationalities from the 4 corners of the world (Australia, Norway, Belgium, New Zealand, Switzerland and France). During the season, the riders have a professional support: provision of road and time trial bikes, a training program, internships, and they participate in international competitions. In 2022, our riders riders have distinguished themselves at the highest level by winning 10 UCI races, including Paris Roubaix with Niels Michotte and 92 UCI Top 10 races. A record!

Alexandre Chenivesse
U19 Team Manager


riders past work experience


years of existence