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Julien Jurdie: "A group of hyper-competitive riders

"We are going to the Vuelta 2022 with a very competitive group of riders and high ambitions. The AG2R CITROËN team will focus on Ben O'Connor for the overall classification. And like every year, our team will try to shine by chasing stage wins. The riders team will have to be active in order to get into the breakaways and win."[/su_quote]

Julien Jurdie, sports director of the AG2R CITROËN team, presents the eight riders riders who will be at the start of the Vuelta 2022.

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24 years old / 1 professional win
3rd participation
Best result: stage win (2021)

"Clement will be starting his third Vuelta. We all remember his victory last year, the day before the finish. Clément is coming with a lot of desire and a willingness to be a player to aim for a stage victory again by slipping into a breakaway. He will also be a key card in the set-up around Ben O'Connor with his climbing skills."[/su_quote] [su_row][su_column size="1/2″][/su_column] [su_quote cite=]


26 years old / 5 professional wins
3rd participation
Best result : 3rd of stage (2019)

"Dorian is approaching this Vuelta with great motivation. Initially planned for the Tour de France, this grand tour is a catch-up session. He arrives with a lot of freshness and determination. Dorian has a hybrid profile rider , with a high speed but also the ability to pass very well the mountain stages. He will be very important for our leader to protect him during the flat stages. His speed will allow him to aim to win a stage."[/su_quote] [su_row][su_column size="1/2″][/su_column] [su_quote cite=]


25 years old
1st participation

"Jaakko will start his second grand tour this season after the Giro d'Italia. His climbing profile will be very important in this Vuelta, which again this year offers a dense course with a lot of difference in altitude. Jaakko has that sense of sacrifice for a leader and the sensitivity to do the job for Ben O'Connor. He will also have the opportunity to slip into a breakaway and play his personal card."[/su_quote] [su_row][su_column size="1/2″][/su_column] [su_quote cite=]


29 years old / 25 professional wins
3rd participation
Best result : 2nd of stage (2017)

"Bob has recovered well from his Tour de France and his great performance (a stage win and 12th place overall). He will take on a team role alongside Ben O'Connor, although he will keep a keen eye out for a breakaway and a stage win. He will be very important in the collective with his rouleur qualities, with a key role for the inaugural team time trial in the Netherlands."[/su_quote] [su_row][su_column size="1/2″][/su_column] [su_quote cite=]


26 years old / 7 professional wins
2nd participation
Best result : 6th of stage (2019)

"Ben will be our leader in this Vuelta, which was in his initial program. He came out of the Tour de France disappointed after his withdrawal, so we will see how he feels on the first stages to define a more precise objective. His physical condition is good, he has prepared himself well. He comes to shine on these Spanish roads and to be in contact with the best riders. Ben has the ability to perform for the overall classification."[/su_quote] [su_row][su_column size="1/2″][/su_column] [su_quote cite=]


28 years old / 2 professional wins
3rd participation
Best result : 4th in a stage (2020)

"Nans has a personal challenge to join the small circle of riders who have won a stage in all three grand tours. He has already won on the roads of the Giro d'Italia (2019) and the Tour de France (2020), a stage win is clearly a goal. Nans is very much a part of our team. He has come through our training program, and breathes the values of the AG2R CITROËN team. He will be our road captain, he will be a basic man for the team around Ben O'Connor."[/su_quote] [su_row][su_column size="1/2″][/su_column] [su_quote cite=]


25 years old
2nd participation
Best result : 9th in a stage (2021)

"Nicolas is taking on his second grand tour of the season after a good Giro d'Italia. He has prepared himself very well for this event. He will be an actor and aims to shine personally by slipping into a breakaway. His climbing profile will be valuable for the collective, we will need him on these roads that he knows well to help his leader."[/su_quote] [su_row][su_column size="1/2″][/su_column] [su_quote cite=]


28 years old / 4 professional wins
1st participation

"Andrea will discover the Vuelta. It is very important to have a rider who goes fast in a team. There are many difficult stages in this 2022 edition, which will see a small group of riders competing for the victory on the line. Andrea will have a great card to play with his profile to shine on these different playing fields, and take a stage win."[/su_quote]

The number


Two riders from the AG2R CITROËN team will discover the roads of the Vuelta.Andrea Vendrame has already taken part in five Giro d'Italia races and won a stage in 2021.For Jaakko Hänninen, this will be his third grand tour, after having competed in two Giro d'Italia.

The news

The pass of three

Ben O'Connor, Bob Jungels and Nans Peters won a stage victory at the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France. All three have the opportunity to enter the circle of stage winners in all three Grand Tours in this 77th edition of the Vuelta.