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February Quiz

With Vivons Vélo

After a first quiz on the history of the team, we focus on nutrition, health and the Vivons Vélo community this February. Can you answer all the questions? Try your luck! To be won:

  • 1 Vivons Vélo jersey
  • 1 Vivons Vélo bottle
  • 1 Vivons Vélo necklace
  • 1 Vivons Vélo string bag

February Quiz

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What is the name of the rider AG2R CITROËN TEAM wearing the pink Vivons Vélo jersey in the photo below?

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On the Tour de France 2022, during the Vivons Vélo Day on the 8th stage, how many kilometers did Benoît Cosnefroy record on the Vivons Vélo application?

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During a day of running, the riders must ingest a large amount of sugars to provide energy to the muscles and recover properly. Expressed only in pasta, the average total amount of sugars ingested at meals during the day corresponds to :

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To promote energy and muscle recovery and rehydration, the post-race snack should contain :

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Energy recovery after the race is very important. When is the best time to have a post-race snack?

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Before a difficult race (monument, classic, stage of the tour) the riders have a hearty breakfast which contains :

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In the summer, the riders sweat a lot and lose on average :

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During a hard race riders must ingest a lot of sugars on the bike to provide energy to the muscles. What is the average amount of sugars ingested per hour of racing?

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How many calories on average do riders burn on a stage of the Tour de France?

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What is Vivons Vélo?

"Colors and values carried by the healthy cycling community by AG2R LA MONDIALE to be found on social networks @vivonsvelo!"

"The kilometers registered on the Vivons Vélo application are converted into donations for the Institut Pasteur and into planted trees. So, you too can pedal in solidarity and download the Vivons Vélo application!"

" All riders AG2R CITROËN are Vivons Vélo ambassadors and carry the values of the community: sharing and solidarity! "

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