Tour du Haut Var (2dn stage): Bardet 3rd, Vuillermoz 5th

Romain Bardet : « Still in the breaking-in phase.»

“At the finish both Alexis Vuillermoz and I were there. I tried to launch him, but the finish was very difficult and we got a little separated. Too bad. It was a bit of a lottery because that last 200 meters you were riding a little blind. Ciccone was really very strong. We are still in the breaking-in phase. I am happy with how I feel even if the form is far from optimal. I am making some hard efforts and that will serve me well in the future. Tomorrow I will discover the climb up Mount Faron. I hope my legs are a little better so that I can put in the best effort possible.”



For the second stage in a row, Alexis Vuillermoz finished in fifth place. "It was a long and trying day. In the end, we had Romain playing for the win. He tried to take me up to the best. But I had trouble accelerating enough to make the most of my explosivity, and just didn’t have the right timing. But Romain nearly won even while he was trying to launch me. That’s no little achievement. Tomorrow, I'm going to climb Mount Faron, which I know very well because my brother lives in Toulon, and I on occasion I can climb it four or five times a day.” Alexis Vuillermoz is 4th place in the general classification and Romain Bardet 5th with the same time as overall leader Giulio Ciccone.


Alexis Gougeard in the breakaway

Alexis Gougeard slipped into the morning break with Pierre Rolland, Arthur Vichot and Cyril Gautier (Vital Concept). He lost contact with his companions 35 km from the finish.