Tour du Poitou-Charentes (27-30 August)

Axel Domont : “With impatience and apprehension”

“I am returning to competition feeling impatient and a little apprehensive. It’s a bit like starting the season anew. Not only that, but I am coming back in a race that I have never ridden before, and which does not really suit to my strengths. It’s been six weeks that I’ve been riding normally, and I did 5000 km. I think the sensations will be good. Before that, I did spend some long weeks in the hospital or at the rehabilitation center. It had to be patient. I was not able to do my first “real” training ride until June 25th. This long downtime allowed me to think a lot, to reflect a lot about the daily life of a professional athlete, and to rejuvenate myself. This gives you the chance to reaffirm that it is a lifestyle that is worth living. Even when going through such difficult periods.”AXEL DOMONT



151 days have passed between Axel Domont’s crash during the 5th stage of the Volta Catalunya on March 29th and his return to competition. He suffered a fracture of the pelvis at the level of the right hip, as well as a heavy blow to the right clavicle (without fracture).